Monday, November 5, 2007

Bruce Hoagland

We did have a great BrownBag meeting with Bruce Hoagland this last Friday. He did an overview of vegetation in Oklahoma and some of the influences like climate and geology. It was a great presentation, and I did not realize how much influence geology had on vegetation.

What I did take away from the meeting was a desire to visit the incredible diversity of Oklahoma. I am just amazed at how different the state is from north to south and from east to west. The state is the transition zone of the great West and the Eastern forest, the Southern gulf and the northern plains.

Oklahoma as a state does not celebrate this enough. It has not capitalized on all of the diversity that it has to offer. My goal is to take the kids and travel more within the state. There is too much to see right here in Oklahoma.

Silence on the homefront

Lets face it, I've not been in the mood to blog. Blogging does require a certain state of mind. I don't want to get myself in trouble here, but school has been very un-inspirational this semester. Those kinds of semesters tend to drag me down. It is not the work load it is the lack of creative force I thrive on.
  1. Working on paperwork for an internship! YES!
  2. Desktop hardrive crashed. NO!
  3. Laptop in the process of crashing. NO!
  4. Every class is going to wait until the last three weeks to assign their monumental assignment. HOW THOUGHTFUL!
  5. I'm going to be ready for Christmas Break this year!
Posts to come.