Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Busy Summer

I have churned out the designs in the last 5 weeks. The previous are not all of my designs. I hope to have some pictures of some of the finished product later. I have about 4 more designs to do before school starts. What a great summer!

Almost all of my designs I have used Photoshop, Sketchup and CAD to make my presentation boards. I have become quite fluent in these programs. I also use Google Earth to orientate my projects and do sun studies. I usually do a base plan with CAD and then import it into Sketchup. It is a simple process to extrude from the base map and put my ideas into 3d. I try to add people and furniture to help me understand the scale and size of my projects. If I have a dining patio, I need to have enough room for a dining table and room for people to get around it comfortably. I also do a lot of measuring while out visiting projects I like. If I like a space, I check dimensions so that I can translate it into my own designs.

I got to visit several parks in Seattle, and I hope to get pictures on when I get a chance. I hope my colleagues are having as great a summer as I am.