Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Evelyn Marshall Field Residence

Thoughts inspired by "Making a Landscape of continuity The Practice of Innocenti and Webel", ed. by Gary R. Hilderbrand.

The Evelyn Marshall Field Residence and its trees:

"Making a Landscape of Continuity The Practice of Innocenti and Webel" ed. by Gary R. Hilderbrand

It is the field Residence that I find the use of trees precisely articulated. It is with the plan that I start to understand the great vocabulary in trees. Their placement, their rhythm, their edges and their mass speak decisively of space, rhythm and harmony. It is this rhythm and harmony that evoke emotion and set tone.

A review in Land Forum by Dean Cardasis says,
In almost all of these projects we find orthogonal, pictorial compositions on large sites; single species of trees planted regularly on center in straight rows, forming powerful spacial allees; and a clear appreciation for craftsmanship in design.