Sunday, June 10, 2007


I love Sketchup. It is so easy to use. Even better is its links to Google Earth. I am able to build my model, open up Google Earth, import my specific site, orient my model and get exact sun and shadow for my site. It is very quick and useful. I purchased sketchup yesterday and in about four hours I was able to build this model. I down loaded the bonus material and components from sketchup.

The plant material is very weak. However, for hardscapes and conceptual design I think the program is great. I think a client can get a sense of the size of the space and how they might experience it.

I think Sketchup is a must-know tool for the LA or ARCH student. Its link to Google Earth are very useful. I was able to import my plan CAD file and build using it as a template. So it is very quick and easy. I find it much easier to negotiate than AutoCAD's 3d modelling program.