Sunday, June 3, 2007

Summer Work

I am not a very dedicated blogger. I get very busy doing other things. I have been in Washington working with Dad's landscape crews the last two weeks. I have been working on a dry-stack rock wall and pouring curbing for a lawn.

I looked at this pile of rocks and I was certain that it was an impossibility that a rock wall could come of it. Much less a half-way straight and flat fronted wall. I was very pleased with the results. Especially for the first time. The largest rocks in the wall required two of us to lift them. I am sure that we cheated, but the bottom half to three/quarters of the wall is dry stack and the top half has mortar. The client wanted the grandkids to be able to run across the top of the wall with out the rocks falling off. Dad and I also felt that it was important to seal the top rocks with mortar to help reduce degradation by freezing and thawing.

Over all, I am quite proud of it.