Friday, August 3, 2007

Seattle Space Needle

The Space Needle is truly a beautiful park. I always get this sentimental sense of history and of the World's Fair. I do enjoy the progressive additions, like Frank Gehry's work. The kids and I visited on the hottest day of the year for Seattle, it was 102 degrees. It was also midweek, but the park still had plenty of traffic. I like this park because of the vignettes and views that are unexpected and yet surely staged. It is possible to find private space or the hustle and bustle of the Needle itself. It is really a park complex, and it has plenty of attractions for all.

At the fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, there is a view tower that is a fun ride. However, it doesn't have the style and elegance of the Space Needle. I have been to the 35th floor of one of the towers downtown OKC, and it is an experience that should be more available and accessible by the general public. OKC should consider a lookout tower in their new Core-to-Shore planning. Getting a view of the prairie is so rare simply because of the topography. It is a very intense experience to get up where you can see the world.