Monday, January 8, 2007

Make a walk your New Years resolution

Holidays, family and traveling has consumed my vacation, and it has been a great vacation. I’m ready to get back to school. I’m looking forward to a semester of planting design and other technical issues. It is hard to get away from the computer, but it is so important to get some fresh air and allow the mind to think. I try to walk, and so I have included pictures from my walk. That is one of my new years resolutions, to get out more and experience more. The computer can be such a black hole when it comes to my time.

These pictures I’m sharing were taken just down the road on one of my walks. Oklahoma has such great character, even in the winter. It is not as green as Seattle in the winter, but it has life. The deciduous trees take on new forms that accentuate their skeletons, and the horizon changes because of the lack of leaves. We see the woods in a different light, because of the lack of color and lack of leaves.

I run across a great winter path shot at Landsessions. Check it out.

Here are my shots:

prairie in sepia

imposing cottonwoods

black walnuts and pecan embracing the road

mistletoe in the elm