Tuesday, February 13, 2007

OK-GAP overload

Some days I get information overload and lost in the details! However, here is an interesting project worth checking out. I peruse Oklahoma Biological Survey from time to time. There is all sorts of valuable information there. Yesterday I was researching a project for some site analysis information when I came across the OK-GAP project. This is a monstrous document, almost 800 pages of monster, to wade through and try to wrap your head around. It is at the state level so it has a fairly wide scope. However, there some great information to be gleaned from the document itself, the bibliography and the maps and the appendices.

Appendices 1 is the Oklahoma Landcover Classification Key. Even though there is a an ecoregion map at the epa site. This gives a little more scientific means of understanding the vegetation of the landscape. If you like to put things in neat little boxes, this can help. It just adds another dimension to understanding the land. Of course the epa, Duck and Fletcher map, Gap and other sources all have different labels for different vegetation regions depending on their focus. It can be so complex!

At the bottom of the OK-GAP report is hundreds(I didn't actually count, but there is a lot.) of maps your favorite or least favorite Oklahoma species, mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird. These maps are great, and worthy of framing. Check it out.

I just photo clipped these off the OK-GAP project and they in no way reflect the quality of the pdf file that is available.

This is one of the species maps.

Mammals, birds, reptiles and more.

I might have to frame this one too.