Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rough week this week.

It was a rough week at the studio desk this week. It seemed like everything I put my hand to failed miserably. My ego was crushed to the point that I question my current direction and focus. I'm sure I'll be back in the saddle this week. I am very careful to plan and schedule my large assignments so that I have the needed time required to do an acceptable job. It is not that I don't handle stress, because I do. I perform well under stress. I am very careful to allot plenty of time for my assignments, and almost always deliver early. I don't get exceptionally stressed when added work is piled on, because I try and keep time in front of my assignments to play with. I know. It seems like a very strange philosophy. I know me. It seems like a very strange philosophy, but I really prefer to come out of the gate at full speed. I am relentless to the halfway mark, and then I back off (suffer a small degree of burnout) and start polishing my project.

I get very upset when a professor is unorganized and doesn't take into account that I have several other classes and a life that has to have a semblance of a schedule if I am to perform. I get very upset when I suffer because my professor has not been considerate of time. I think it is inconsiderate to presume I can be somewhere at a non scheduled class time without adequate notice. I will stop expressing my frustration here. I am sure I will be back in there with my head in the game tomorrow, and all will be forgiven. I'm not very good at holding grudges.

On to lighter things:
Every now and then I run across a really good web site or blog. Check out Doug Dawgz Blog. In his index of past pages he has some great stories and photos of historic OKC. Great site. I run across some reference in his Deep Deuce history about the Page Woodson school. I had just went up to take some pictures of it earlier this week. I like to get out and take a few pictures as a stress reliever. I thought I would share.