Monday, March 5, 2007

Daniel Hinkley

Daniel Hinkley is one of my hero's. I visited Heronswood on numerous occasions while living in Washington. It was always the most incredible of pleasures. The tours were always guided, and I always felt sorry for the person guiding the tour. They had to lay down their propagation tools and lead us laymen through the maze of exotic plants. It was an experience that changed how I perceive nurseries and plant propagation.

Heronswood was bought by Burpee or some other conglomerate and moved the nursery back East.

While visiting home this summer the plant salesperson's at various nurseries had been crushed by the loss of Heronswood. I am sure that it is sacrilegious to even link to the new site.

I was just looking at Mr. Hinkley's lecture schedule to see when he was coming to Oklahoma. Doesn't look like soon.