Wednesday, March 7, 2007

English Landscape School

I found an interesting portion of this history discussion relevant to Oklahoma. I think we can trace our obsession with the lawn to this school of thought, but it wasn't that lengthy discussion I found so interesting.

The farm and agrarian beauty was embraced in part of this movement. Oklahoma has some landscapes that I think we can identify with as beautiful. Just up from my house is a country road embraced and covered with pecans, cottonwood and black walnuts. As you walk through this enveloping canopy of branches and leaves the view opens up to a large pasture. Cattle graze and copse of elm, plum and persimmon provide homes for bluebirds and rabbits. Stands of cottonwood and willow line the stream beds. This could easily be a picture designed by Lancelot "Capability" Brown.

I'm not sure that Oklahomans recognize the beauty that is before them. Embrace the farm and the agrarian community. Support it by shopping at your local farmers market. Buy local products. I shop at Crest Foods and I enjoy their local food selections. The Oklahoma Food Coop is another source of local foods.

Our landscape is shaped by a web of human activity. Our aesthetic values is shaped by a web of cultural influences.