Sunday, March 18, 2007

In the news.

My natural resource teacher told us that this president was the first since T. Roosevelt to not add to our national park lands in some way. Of course there are a lot of ways for the president to protect lands. He was the first president to actually reduce our park lands. I haven't done my research on that, but I do believe it, and I know that the administration was working at reversing some of the public lands Clinton had preserved. ??? I can't understand that mentality at all.

So, I was very surprised to see $3 Billion proposed by for National Parks. I am glad to see the National Park Centennial Initiative kicked off. The National Parks system is a national treasure of Landscape Architecture, preservation, conservation and public enjoyment. I hope that the next century can see more preservation and more access by the common man. It is still amazingly cheap to visit a national park and I hope that it continues.