Friday, March 23, 2007

The Lorax

When I was a young boy, my Mother would send me and my sisters down to the grocery store and the post office. It was down about three blocks, across the highway and railroad to the town center. It is funny, it seemed much further than that. However, one summer, I was probably in middle school, the store was running a special. You bought so much product and you got a Dr. Seuss book. At the end of the special, the owner of the store had a great big pile of books left over. They were actually paper back, like comic books, and he gave us kids a copy of each title he had. In that was The Lorax. This book had a big impact on how I saw the world. I identified with it at a very deep and personal level.

I still have that soft bound promotional copy. I also found a hard back copy to read to my children. Dr. Seuss is the greatest author to read to your children because the words are so fun to roll off your tongue. However, the Lorax, where the grickle-grass grows is my favorite Dr. Seuss.